Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Primo! Cappuccino

Hiya hos and bros. This week's cookie (I know this blog is anything but "weekly"), is from yet another food-getting-place (not sure of the term) in Penn Station on my way home from work. Primo! Cappuccino.

Again it was a black and white cookie in labeless shrinkwrapped plastic, and the thought has occurred to me that this may just be the exact same brand of cookie as the one I had last week, distributed to all these places in Penn Station in one big swoop.

I sat down to watch Alien 3. I had never seen any of the Alien movies and recently made it a point to watch them all in order. The first film, "Alien," is probably the most unique (naturally) and literally other worldly feeling. It wasn't at all what I expected, being a very slow paced, subtle and effective mood piece. "Aliens" ended up as what I originally imagined for the first film, being action driven, more "macho" and fast paced. As I'm thinking of both films now though, I can barely remember "Aliens" and remember almost everything about "Alien."

I liked both movies, though "Aliens" had incredibly annoying characters. Mainly Bill Paxton. "OH MAN!! WE'RE FUCKED, MAN! THIS IS IT, MAN!" Plus, the tough military chick who's got somethin' to prove! I liked Lance Henrickson, pretty much perfectly cast as a morally ambiguous robot.

Soooo I watched Alien 3. I liked it, though after reading that David Fincher "disowns" it, maybe I'm not supposed to? How does one approach a movie after knowing that? I suppose you can choose to completely strip away all context, all IMDB trivia, all back story, and just watch the movie as it's own universe. It's not easy though, knowing the scene you're watching was against the director's wishes, or the killing of major characters were only due to actor's availability. Should these fun factoids be ignored?

Well, I liked the movie. I thought the supporting characters this go around were more interesting, and I was fascinated by the wealth of back story designated to this strange prison planet (was the WHOLE planet a prison? Or just this one building?) I also liked that in THIS movie, the Alien was a hybrid dog/alien. Cool.

Oh yeah, the COOKIE.

I can't explain what it is, but I always have a thing for cookies that have that sexy little strand of hair going down on it's face. It's hot.

The cookie had sat around for days, but was still soft. Way to go! I'm proud of you.

I bit the vanilla side.

Not great. Very strong and sugary, a bit tough. It proved to be difficult to finish the vanilla side.

Then I tried the chocolate.

Very soft, very dark tasting. A bit fudgey. I would even say "YUMMY" if I was forced to.

The vanilla and chocolate together worked great, and made the vanilla taste better for some reason.

The cake smelled like Wonder Bread.

Dear Diary, today I put milk on my head and took a picture of myself at 2 AM because I am lonely.