Saturday, January 01, 2011

Red Velvet Cookie -

Hey there cookie bros and cookie hos!

My good buddy Adam brought me back a RED VELVET BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE, made by his friend Jill Churco. Jill has her own food blog, with recipes and all sorts of good stuff, over at GO THERE!

Me and my roommates sat down to play the new Back To The Future adventure game, which is kind of amazing.

Then I prepared myself to eat a black and white cookie with blood red cake.

Last week I'm pretty sure I burst a capillary in my eyeball. I felt a strange pressure and then there was a red spot in my eyeball.

Now I'm tempted to talk about my burst capillary for the entire blog, but I suppose I should get to the cookie. BURST CAPILLARY. OK...Got that out of my system.

The cookie was small, so it was a struggle to eat it slow enough to review it intensely, so I missed taking a photo of me trying the vanilla side first. Try to deal with this.

The vanilla side. Probably one of the more subtle vanillas that I've tasted. It didn't overload my tongue with sugary vanilla flavor, but what was there had a strange warmth and natural taste to it. I would have liked to taste it even more.

Then I ate a chocolate side. I TOOK A BIG OL' BITE, HEH HEH HEH HEH.

There is also a nice looking non-flash photo, but the flash makes the red cake look brighter, velvetier, and, let's face it, scarier.

The chocolate side was delicious, and the best way I could describe it was that it tasted like a homemade brownie. It even had that very slight subtle burnt taste, like you could actually taste the oven it was made in. It was great!

I ate this very fast.


See, my eye is all better now! No more BURST CAPILLARY.

Thanks to Jill and Adam for the cookies!


P.S. I google imaged "burst capillary," so I could throw in a picture, but they were all too disturbing. So I'm sparing you. You're welcome.