Sunday, March 21, 2010


Long time no cookie!

I'm going to skip the "sorry I don't update this as often" shpiel (it IS SO a word, spell check!), and go right to the review:

I was in the grocery store down the block from my house when I spotted these little guys, looking at me with their puppy dog eyes.

This is embarrassing, but I had to call up my roommate Adam (who you are familiar with) to ask him to check this blog to see if I had already reviewed these cookies. After a few google searches, it was confirmed that I had in fact NOT eaten "Bon Appetito"s before. Oh, goody! Or goodies, rather. Then Adam said "never call me again" and hung up.

I took the cookies with me to Bellmore, Long Island, to hang out with Dave and Krissy (who you also I have a very small and recurring circle of what!)

It was "Buffy" night, which means we were marathoning Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. We're knee deep into season six, my favorite season. And we were ESPECIALLY knee deep into this glorious episode:

ANYWAY, I busted out the cookies and we ate the shit out of them.

Krissy was pretty unimpressed.

Dave enjoyed them a bit more.

And me?

Jordan Cooper?


Because they were mini cookies, I just took some big bites and organized my thoughts later. But basically...

They were way too hard (stale?), but the taste was pretty good. I think if they were soft and fresh, they could have been some of my all time favorites. Dave said he liked the crunchiness. Typical Dave.

The vanilla side in this case was a lot more noticeable and tastier than the chocolate side. I can still very clearly remember what the vanilla taste like, which was very strong and ultra-vanilla (I'm writing this at 4:30 AM), whereas the chocolate side is but a ghost in my memory. It wasn't BAD, but it seemed very dull and easily dismissed. All vanilla cookies would not be a bad idea with this brand!

I've still got a bunch left for my roommates to try out. Maybe I'll update this with their thoughts.

See you soon. I'm balancing a lot of blogs (mostly music related) and other life things right now, so I'm not trying to fool anybody about how often I'll update this. But I still very much want to keep doing this blog. So check back! Or don't. I'll understand if you just want to be friends.