Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Thank You from the Black and White Cookie Company!

Thanks guys! They sent me another box of oh-so-delicious cookies. Me and my attractive friends had a crazy out of control cookie party in celebration!

Pictured from left to right: Bottom row: Matt, Becky, Krissy, Jason.

Top row: Jordan, James, Dave

Hangin out! Down the street! The same old thing! We did last week!

I'm the ghostly blur on the left.

Look at these crackers! I mean cookies.

Unfortunately everyone was busy holding the cookies u
p so much that they never got eaten!

From all of us, thanks again, Black and White Cookie Company!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Serpe's Bakery, Elsmere, Delaware

My friend Daniel:

...went to Delaware, and brought me back a surprise:

That's his label that he provided. He knows how this blog WORKS!

Serpe's eh?? Elsmere, eh??? Delaware, eh????

Let's see how Delaware does a Black and White Cookie.

I took out the cookie and it was FLAT. The opposite of the cookie I had last night (didn't even give myself time to digest...maybe the 2 cookies are making friends in my stomach.) It was
like a giant sized novelty coin. It was like a small Frisbee. Like a cartoon character after being smashed with a mallet.

The vanilla side -- Woooooow. REALLY good!! Very...DIFFERENT. Unique. Original. A vanilla I haven't tasted before. Very milky and sweet, like ice cream.

Chocolate: POW. Huge taste that punched me in the mouth. For such a flat cookie, it packed a lot of personality. The chocolate also had a strange transformation in it's aftertaste, getting into kind of a muddy dark chocolate flavor that slowly fades out in your mouth.

Looks delicious, doesn't it?

I can't even recall what the cake part was like, as the two flavors completely overpowered it. Maybe this is as it should be?

The icing was kind of hard. Probably cause the cookie had to travel from Delaware, then I waited a few days to eat it. But it will still edible. One of the cookies on this blog had icing as hard as a rock.

I finished the cookies and poured myself a glass of milk. Wow...look how one gl
ass drained the new milk that was bought:



Wednesday, January 17, 2007

La Dolce Italia Bakery

So even though a friend of mine bought me a black and white cookie today (next post), my mom came home with a box of freshly made black and white cookies from La Dolce Italia Bakery in Forest Hills, NY (home of Peter Parker.)

Look at that seductive gaze

I didn't want them to go bad, and I ALSO didn't want my family to eat them all, so I wrapped one up and brought it upstairs to hide in my room until the coast was clear.

no one will hurt you, little cookie

At 2:00 AM I went downstairs to check this shit OUT. I unwrapped the plastic and WOOOOOH...A STRONG STRONG and delicious smell blew out of the bag. Wow. It didn't smell like the usual B&W...It smelled like the kind of sugar cookies you'd buy in one of those metal heart shaped tins.

The cookie was SOFT. And spongey. Look at it! It has moon-like craters. I was excited beyond belief. Even more beyond.

it's bigger than the entenmann's one, that's for sure

I took a bite of the vanilla side. Ever notice I always do vanilla side first? Here's why:

The chocolate is usually more flavorful and powerful in taste. My concern is that by tasting th
e chocolate first, my interpretation of the vanilla will be clouded and distorted by the chocolate still on my taste buds. Vanilla tends to evaporate within the mouth easier.

Hmmm. I didn't even taste vanilla. At all. All I tasted was the cake. VERY VERY good, but the cake and it's lemony spongyness completely overpowered the vanilla. I went in for a 2nd try, this time with the vanilla side DOWN on my tongue...

Nothing. I CAN'T TASTE THE VANILLA! Only cake. Oh well, I give up.

Next I bit you say, chocolate. Woooo, very flavorful and very, well, chocolatey. Nothing outstandingly unique...while it was above average, in general it was a familiar B&W chocolate taste.

As the cookie was half eaten, I looked at the spongey cake from a different angle.

why the frown?

Wow!! Really soft and light and fluffy.

The cookie was very good, very LARGE, and made me very full. I was stunned.

me, and girlfriend (not pictured)

Until next time...


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Black and White Cookie Company

I come home, after a long, stressful day, and there is a big box of Black and White Cookies waiting for me from the great people at the Black and White Cookie Company.

Words refuse to describe the joy I felt. I ripped the box open.

How wonderful! 12 Heart Shaped Cookies! Hey, here's a picture:

My family went berserk. HOORAY. And what's this? Black and RED Cookies? RED and white cookies? WHAAAAAT???

While the red was mind blowing and eye exploding, I was a bit sad there were only 3 chocolate/vanilla cookies in the mix! But I can't possibly complain about receiving a box of cookies. So I won't.

My mom curiously grabbed a Black and Red Cookie. She took a bite, and seemed to enjoy it. I left the room for 5 minutes, and when I came back only crumbs remained. I THINK she enjoyed it.

As to not ruin my dinner, I waited until...err...3 finally put the cookies to the test. Actually I don't think any of the posts on this blog take place before 3 am.

I walked into the kitchen and HORROR. Everyone in my family ate all the black and whites??? What the...??? I'm still baffled by this, as not only did I inform everyone that the box was delivered to me SPECIFICALLY so that I can taste/review the black and white cookies, but well...I SAID DON'T EAT ALL THE BLACK AND WHITE COOKIES. Honestly I'm baffled how this happened. Baffled with a capital FF.

All baffling aside, I had to act. I took one White and Red, and one Red and Black.

Tore them in half, and surgically conjoined them into a Black and White Cookie (with some red halves left over)

The man behind Black and White Cookie Company suggested I place the cookie in the microwave for about 3-5 seconds before eating. That was such a simple and great idea, I can't believe I haven't done it before. Actually I have, to chocolate donuts.

First I ate the Red halves. Strawberry! Very very good. Not Black OR White but still good. HUH. I would probably not buy one specifically if I were in the market for a Black and White Cookie, but it tasted better than I thought it would. It really had a lot of flavor.

Then I took a vanilla bite. I swear I'm not being a suck-up-because-they-sent-me-a-box, but it was incredibly good. My first reaction was "this is the best vanilla so far."

I realized that most of the cookies I've been reviewing, besides the vanilla side being ROCK HARD, they have also just been intensely sugary, like a flat frozen rock of vanilla maple syrup. This vanilla really tasted like vanilla, and like that special vanilla you get on a black and white cookie. And it was soft! Maybe it was the 5 seconds in the microwave.

Then the chocolate side. Very very good. Maybe not the best I've tried ("Joey's" strange brownie-like chocolate from my previous post was quite intriguing), but this tasted like real bakery homemade. In fact in my pencil notes, the first thing I wrote was "old fashioned." It tasted more like the way you REMEMBER a Black and White Cookie tasting, unlike the grocery store bought ones I've been trying. Also of note, the chocolate frosting (or icing? what is this stuff?) also covered the SIDES of the cookie, draping all the way over to the back. Because of the heart shape, the cookie wasn't as flat as some other B&W's I've seen. A whole new experience.

The cake was delicious, with a hint of lemon, perfect texture. Even without the frosting the cake would have been a satisfying dessert.

And was done. That's it? I wanted another! Black and White Cookies can be very heavy, and I usually feel sick and full after eating them, but in this case I could have eaten more. And I technically had already eaten 2, since I ate the 2 Red halves. No WONDER my family ate all 3 exclusively Black and White Cookies.

Again, this is not a suck-up review. They were very good, probably because I have only been buying grocery store cookies so far, and this was from a bakery called "THE BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE COMPANY." I do know of a few bakeries and diners that have incredibly good ones also.

So anyway, thanks to the Black and White Cookie Company for the heavily shrink wrapped, heart shaped, family tempting, 12-is-clearly-not-enough cookies, my heart goes out to you.


Friday, January 05, 2007

The Love Story of Joey and Allison

This is a story about a boy cookie named Joey, from North Newark, New Jersey, and a girl cookie named Allison, from Brooklyn. Both found each other in a deli, on 20th street and 7th avenue.

Joey was a smooth man with the ladies. His catchphrase - "LUV IN EVERY BITE" may have been a bit presumptuous, but Allison needed a bit of excitement in her life. Maybe this Joey is just what she was looking for?

Allison was soft. But not very sweet. She had two sides to her, sure, like everybody. Her light side, which was adequate and pleasant, and her DARK side, which strangely had not much going on for it at all. Underneath these sides was...cake. This cake was the best part of Allison. It tasted like fresh homemade cake, or cupcakes. This was something Joey could not realize.

"and when the planet hit the sun
I saw the face of Allison" - black francis

Joey was HARD. HARD AS A ROCK. TOUGH. A REAL MAN. He also had 2 sides to him. His light side was WEIRD, had a soapy, or fruity taste to it. VERY strange. Very tiring to swallow. Allison could barely tolerate it. But Joey was a strange cookie. His dark side however...WATCH OUT. Intensely chocolatey. Yeah, you heard me. Like a brownie. Much stronger and much more confident than Allison's dark side.

The two cookies fell in love. THEY KISSED.

They were completely different, but so much alike.

They went to amusement parks, watched movies, argued over where to eat for dinner, all the great things couples do. Why, they even made love. Somehow.

Soon, Allison seemed...distant.


Allison got tired of Jordan...I mean...Joey's drifting, aimless existence, and went on to look for something more. She was too soft for such a hard, emotionless cookie.

But this is the misconception. While Allison was soft, she was tasteless. She had no real emotion. That's why she could leave him so easily. Joey was hard on the outside, but had a STRONG STRONG flavor inside. Now he was all alone. Chewed up. Hopeless.

"Joey stepped up on a block of ice,
put a rope around his neck,
fell asleep before he died" - martin tielli

And so, painfully alone, with no purpose in life, Joey gave up.

And me? Well I chill-axed with a glass of milk, yo. Everything was aaaaall good.


P.S. Thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel for linking to this blog! Check out her various blogs about cupcakes, sex, and possibly some sort of combination of the two.