Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Black and White Cookie Company

I come home, after a long, stressful day, and there is a big box of Black and White Cookies waiting for me from the great people at the Black and White Cookie Company.

Words refuse to describe the joy I felt. I ripped the box open.

How wonderful! 12 Heart Shaped Cookies! Hey, here's a picture:

My family went berserk. HOORAY. And what's this? Black and RED Cookies? RED and white cookies? WHAAAAAT???

While the red was mind blowing and eye exploding, I was a bit sad there were only 3 chocolate/vanilla cookies in the mix! But I can't possibly complain about receiving a box of cookies. So I won't.

My mom curiously grabbed a Black and Red Cookie. She took a bite, and seemed to enjoy it. I left the room for 5 minutes, and when I came back only crumbs remained. I THINK she enjoyed it.

As to not ruin my dinner, I waited until...err...3 AM...to finally put the cookies to the test. Actually I don't think any of the posts on this blog take place before 3 am.

I walked into the kitchen and HORROR. Everyone in my family ate all the black and whites??? What the...??? I'm still baffled by this, as not only did I inform everyone that the box was delivered to me SPECIFICALLY so that I can taste/review the black and white cookies, but well...I SAID DON'T EAT ALL THE BLACK AND WHITE COOKIES. Honestly I'm baffled how this happened. Baffled with a capital FF.

All baffling aside, I had to act. I took one White and Red, and one Red and Black.

Tore them in half, and surgically conjoined them into a Black and White Cookie (with some red halves left over)

The man behind Black and White Cookie Company suggested I place the cookie in the microwave for about 3-5 seconds before eating. That was such a simple and great idea, I can't believe I haven't done it before. Actually I have, to chocolate donuts.

First I ate the Red halves. Strawberry! Very very good. Not Black OR White but still good. HUH. I would probably not buy one specifically if I were in the market for a Black and White Cookie, but it tasted better than I thought it would. It really had a lot of flavor.

Then I took a vanilla bite. I swear I'm not being a suck-up-because-they-sent-me-a-box, but it was incredibly good. My first reaction was "this is the best vanilla so far."

I realized that most of the cookies I've been reviewing, besides the vanilla side being ROCK HARD, they have also just been intensely sugary, like a flat frozen rock of vanilla maple syrup. This vanilla really tasted like vanilla, and like that special vanilla you get on a black and white cookie. And it was soft! Maybe it was the 5 seconds in the microwave.

Then the chocolate side. Very very good. Maybe not the best I've tried ("Joey's" strange brownie-like chocolate from my previous post was quite intriguing), but this tasted like real bakery homemade. In fact in my pencil notes, the first thing I wrote was "old fashioned." It tasted more like the way you REMEMBER a Black and White Cookie tasting, unlike the grocery store bought ones I've been trying. Also of note, the chocolate frosting (or icing? what is this stuff?) also covered the SIDES of the cookie, draping all the way over to the back. Because of the heart shape, the cookie wasn't as flat as some other B&W's I've seen. A whole new experience.

The cake was delicious, with a hint of lemon, perfect texture. Even without the frosting the cake would have been a satisfying dessert.

And then...it was done. That's it? I wanted another! Black and White Cookies can be very heavy, and I usually feel sick and full after eating them, but in this case I could have eaten more. And I technically had already eaten 2, since I ate the 2 Red halves. No WONDER my family ate all 3 exclusively Black and White Cookies.

Again, this is not a suck-up review. They were very good, probably because I have only been buying grocery store cookies so far, and this was from a bakery called "THE BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE COMPANY." I do know of a few bakeries and diners that have incredibly good ones also.

So anyway, thanks to the Black and White Cookie Company for the heavily shrink wrapped, heart shaped, family tempting, 12-is-clearly-not-enough cookies, my heart goes out to you.


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