Wednesday, January 17, 2007

La Dolce Italia Bakery

So even though a friend of mine bought me a black and white cookie today (next post), my mom came home with a box of freshly made black and white cookies from La Dolce Italia Bakery in Forest Hills, NY (home of Peter Parker.)

Look at that seductive gaze

I didn't want them to go bad, and I ALSO didn't want my family to eat them all, so I wrapped one up and brought it upstairs to hide in my room until the coast was clear.

no one will hurt you, little cookie

At 2:00 AM I went downstairs to check this shit OUT. I unwrapped the plastic and WOOOOOH...A STRONG STRONG and delicious smell blew out of the bag. Wow. It didn't smell like the usual B&W...It smelled like the kind of sugar cookies you'd buy in one of those metal heart shaped tins.

The cookie was SOFT. And spongey. Look at it! It has moon-like craters. I was excited beyond belief. Even more beyond.

it's bigger than the entenmann's one, that's for sure

I took a bite of the vanilla side. Ever notice I always do vanilla side first? Here's why:

The chocolate is usually more flavorful and powerful in taste. My concern is that by tasting th
e chocolate first, my interpretation of the vanilla will be clouded and distorted by the chocolate still on my taste buds. Vanilla tends to evaporate within the mouth easier.

Hmmm. I didn't even taste vanilla. At all. All I tasted was the cake. VERY VERY good, but the cake and it's lemony spongyness completely overpowered the vanilla. I went in for a 2nd try, this time with the vanilla side DOWN on my tongue...

Nothing. I CAN'T TASTE THE VANILLA! Only cake. Oh well, I give up.

Next I bit you say, chocolate. Woooo, very flavorful and very, well, chocolatey. Nothing outstandingly unique...while it was above average, in general it was a familiar B&W chocolate taste.

As the cookie was half eaten, I looked at the spongey cake from a different angle.

why the frown?

Wow!! Really soft and light and fluffy.

The cookie was very good, very LARGE, and made me very full. I was stunned.

me, and girlfriend (not pictured)

Until next time...


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