Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I went to the SUPERMARKET as my friend's Adam and Jon went food shopping for their apartment! THAT'S LIFE IN THE BIG CITY, FOLKS!

Then we stumbled upon this little number!


It rained like a motherfucker while we were in the supermarket. We ran back and I got drenched. So I changed into my friends clothes. Check out my dignified attire:

You know I never liked Ninja Turtles? Especially as a little kid. I hated the way they talked - "Radical!" "Narly!", etc. Even as like a 10 year old I thought they sounded retarded

This is Adam! Adam Rosenberg! Take that, google searchers trying to stalk him!

I guess the only way to cut pieces (besides grabbing clumps with my disgusting veiny hand) where you get both sides is to do weird long thin biscotti-looking slivers. So there you go.

I ate the cake. Honestly, it was just "OK." I could have predicted it wouldn't exactly taste like a black and white cookie, which is ironic since a black and white cookie is really more like a cake. But this cake was just like...an OK, store bought cake. Also when we actually ate it was like 2 or 3 weeks later. WOOPS. I wasn't crazy about either the vanilla or chocolate icing. They weren't bad but after a few bites I was pretty much done. P.S. I hate blogger and how it keeps undoing my font selection every other sentence.

I also wasn't crazy about eating cake with a spoon. Too weird.

Wearing a much more dignified shirt (Homer Simpson jumping to grab a donut, with "JUST DONUT" written on the bottom.)