Friday, December 22, 2006

Entenmanns's Black & White Cookie

THE BIG BOYS. Entenmann's is a huge cake, donut, cookies, etc company and now they have a "NEW" Black and White Cookie! I'm surprised it's taken them this long! But why is it so small? Here it is next to David Duchovney's Head:

The X-File of the smaller than average B&W Cookie

Anyway, I looked on the back and wohhhh! About twice or even THREE (or even FOUR) times the amount of ingredients as the other black and white cookies I've been getti

See that big chunk of text? This cookie's GOTTA BE GOOD.

But still very small...and neat looking. Look at it! It looks like a pill you could swallow. Or like a cartoon.

However VERY impressive and tasty looking was the BACK. You see there has been a nice WRAP-AROUND of the icing, with dabs of it even trying to get all the way to the back center.

A nice WRAP-AROUND, you see.

I took two bites. One of the vanilla and one of the chocolate. Pictured:

Again those are not MASSIVE gross bites, the cookie was VERY SMALL.

It was pretty good. The CAKE on the vanilla side was very soft and squishy, but it seemed thicker on the chocolate side. I know it sounds crazy but I swear it's true. Both sides had a pretty strong taste, but both were kind of stiff and a bit plain. It was very good, but I've had better B&W's and I've had better Entenmann's products.

Also: Another one from New Jersey. Totawa, NJ. Is NJ just one big Black and White Cookie?

It's 6 AM. Goodnight, world.


P.S. Good lord, thanks to Dave Fox again, for picking up the bill for this cookie. I was in the 7-11 parked illegally outside and some cops pulled up (to come in.) I grabbed the cookie, threw it to Dave, yelped "BUY THIS FOR ME!" and he did so I could go to my car. Good man. Http://

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Muffins 'N Stuff Black & White Cookie

Joining me for this excursion was friend and cookie-appreciator David Fox. We stopped into a 7-11 where I found the "Muffins 'N Stuff" brand B & W Cookie. Another one from New Jersey, this time 53 Jersey Street, Patterson, NJ. Hmm does every B&W come from...Jersey?

If I look suspicious it's because there was a cockroach on the floor near the cookie tray.

We left 7-11. Here's Dave in front of a cookie shaped gate, holding "the" cookie:

I don't know what looks tastier, the cookie or the gate!

Short story long: I put the cookie in my pocket and we headed to dunkin donuts to chiiiiill. Dave decided to have a plain donut to combat my Black and White cookie. See how he gloats?

That was not his face AFTER the donut. It was bad.

AAAAANYWAY, I'm digressing. We went back to my house, watched "Death to the Supermodels" (which was amazing and had more monkey sounds in a movie than ever thought possible) and I put the cookie on my lap. Here is a picture:

For some insane reason the pic came out completely red. Perhaps this was an omen? And yes that's a small bit of chocolate peeled off with the wrapper.

On to the taste: It was kind of rubbery. The vanilla side wasn't as hard as the past cookies have been, but also did not have as strong a taste. The chocolate side also did not have a strong taste.

DON'T think it wasn't good. Dude, it's a black and white cookie, it was delicious. But it was not confident, not fresh, not...unbelievable. Dave asked me "well, what do you think?" I said "Eh, doesn't taste like much" and I sensed myself becoming a cookie snob. I want people to know I am still enjoying and loving the cookies even if they do not blow my mind. I'm not a snob!

Gets the award for softest vanilla side so far. Also Miss Most Rubbery Texture 2006.

After that I ate a bunch of mini twix bars left over from a party, and then this is what I looked like:

A very skinny guy trying to look full and fat.

After the whole INCREDIBLY entertaining experience was over, we wondered if a Pineapple review blog would be better.



PS. Thanks to Dave. Visit

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Daisy's Black and White Supreme

From Clifton, NJ comes Daisy's Black and White...SUPREME. Doesn't even say "cookie" on it!

Bought at a grocery on 1st avenue and 9th street in Manhattan, it was the only B&W left in the store. Hopefully there aren't other people doing a blog like this and cleaning house.

The first curiosity about this particular cookie is how part of the chocolate side has somehow MELDED into the vanilla side! Oh my god!

Even before unwrapping the plastic I could feel that the cake and chocolate side was soft, and the vanilla side was hard. This seems to be the norm. I wonder how hard it will be to find a cookie with a soft vanilla side?

I opened the wrapper and: SHOCK. The chocolate icing has also MELDED to the wrapper! This chocolate sure likes melding!!

Missing chocolate on right, found chocolate on left

Unfortunately, something that hasn't melded with the chocolate is TASTE. While the vanilla side was hard, ultra sugary and very vanilla, the chocolate side, though pleasing, didn't really have a strong chocolate taste. It was a struggle of the tongue to get a feeling of chocolate out of it. I took a bite of the icing where the chocolate MELDED with the vanilla, and the vanilla completely overpowered it.

In all, this was a satisfying cookie and I was happy when I ate it, but there's much better out there. Supreme? No. Daisy? Well...yes.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Fernando's Bakery" brand Black & White Cookie

Something is STRANGE about this cookie, people! I bought it at a grocery store in Williamsburg in the afternoon, looked forward to it all day, and of course told people throughout the day that "I got a cookie waiting for me back home."

Plus: Right as I held it I could feel it was soft! Ironically, the black and white "cookie" is actually best when it is soft, more like cake, rather than crunchy like a cookie.

I put it to my mouth and already I smelled something weird. I bit in to the vanilla side (I always bite vanilla first, for some reason.) Oughwwow! There is a bad bad taste hidden in this cookie. A hint of soap, and even a hint of sweat. MAYBE it's my own hands but I don't normally have this problem when I eat food. And I know my own hands. This tastes like OTHER people's hands.

The cake was spongey but the vanilla side, as usual, was hard. The chocolate side however was soft all around. There was still a subtle gross sweat taste. If the chocolate side wasn't so good, I probably would have thrown it out.

Fernando's Bakery is in Linden, New Jersey, with the slogan "Taste the Quality." I did taste the quality. The bad quality. Sorry Fernando. But you have to wash your hands before you make these cookies.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This blog...

This blog is going to review all the different Black and White cookies I can find. In NYC or otherwise. I have noticed that some are great, some are crap, and most are in between.

This isn't a "black and white cookie every day" kind of review blog, cause I think I would vomit, but I will try to keep it up regularly.

I will also try to provide pictures, and maybe even songs, all related to black and white cookies.