Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Muffins 'N Stuff Black & White Cookie

Joining me for this excursion was friend and cookie-appreciator David Fox. We stopped into a 7-11 where I found the "Muffins 'N Stuff" brand B & W Cookie. Another one from New Jersey, this time 53 Jersey Street, Patterson, NJ. Hmm does every B&W come from...Jersey?

If I look suspicious it's because there was a cockroach on the floor near the cookie tray.

We left 7-11. Here's Dave in front of a cookie shaped gate, holding "the" cookie:

I don't know what looks tastier, the cookie or the gate!

Short story long: I put the cookie in my pocket and we headed to dunkin donuts to chiiiiill. Dave decided to have a plain donut to combat my Black and White cookie. See how he gloats?

That was not his face AFTER the donut. It was bad.

AAAAANYWAY, I'm digressing. We went back to my house, watched "Death to the Supermodels" (which was amazing and had more monkey sounds in a movie than ever thought possible) and I put the cookie on my lap. Here is a picture:

For some insane reason the pic came out completely red. Perhaps this was an omen? And yes that's a small bit of chocolate peeled off with the wrapper.

On to the taste: It was kind of rubbery. The vanilla side wasn't as hard as the past cookies have been, but also did not have as strong a taste. The chocolate side also did not have a strong taste.

DON'T think it wasn't good. Dude, it's a black and white cookie, it was delicious. But it was not confident, not fresh, not...unbelievable. Dave asked me "well, what do you think?" I said "Eh, doesn't taste like much" and I sensed myself becoming a cookie snob. I want people to know I am still enjoying and loving the cookies even if they do not blow my mind. I'm not a snob!

Gets the award for softest vanilla side so far. Also Miss Most Rubbery Texture 2006.

After that I ate a bunch of mini twix bars left over from a party, and then this is what I looked like:

A very skinny guy trying to look full and fat.

After the whole INCREDIBLY entertaining experience was over, we wondered if a Pineapple review blog would be better.



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