Friday, December 22, 2006

Entenmanns's Black & White Cookie

THE BIG BOYS. Entenmann's is a huge cake, donut, cookies, etc company and now they have a "NEW" Black and White Cookie! I'm surprised it's taken them this long! But why is it so small? Here it is next to David Duchovney's Head:

The X-File of the smaller than average B&W Cookie

Anyway, I looked on the back and wohhhh! About twice or even THREE (or even FOUR) times the amount of ingredients as the other black and white cookies I've been getti

See that big chunk of text? This cookie's GOTTA BE GOOD.

But still very small...and neat looking. Look at it! It looks like a pill you could swallow. Or like a cartoon.

However VERY impressive and tasty looking was the BACK. You see there has been a nice WRAP-AROUND of the icing, with dabs of it even trying to get all the way to the back center.

A nice WRAP-AROUND, you see.

I took two bites. One of the vanilla and one of the chocolate. Pictured:

Again those are not MASSIVE gross bites, the cookie was VERY SMALL.

It was pretty good. The CAKE on the vanilla side was very soft and squishy, but it seemed thicker on the chocolate side. I know it sounds crazy but I swear it's true. Both sides had a pretty strong taste, but both were kind of stiff and a bit plain. It was very good, but I've had better B&W's and I've had better Entenmann's products.

Also: Another one from New Jersey. Totawa, NJ. Is NJ just one big Black and White Cookie?

It's 6 AM. Goodnight, world.


P.S. Good lord, thanks to Dave Fox again, for picking up the bill for this cookie. I was in the 7-11 parked illegally outside and some cops pulled up (to come in.) I grabbed the cookie, threw it to Dave, yelped "BUY THIS FOR ME!" and he did so I could go to my car. Good man. Http://


Miranda said...

thank you. the service you provide is unequaled. i, too, am a b&w cookie-loving new yorker, and i, too, have noticed the huge disparity in cookie quality. i agree that wraparound frosting is an absolute necessity, and consider it the unfortunate sign of rushed cookie-making if any frosting is removed by the packaging. key to me, though, is the softness of the cake. nothing worse than a hard b&w hardness seems to mostly be a problem in freshly baked cookies, which i assume have less scary chemicals and therefore get stale quicker. it's a difficult choice, one i encounter again and again. anyway, i very much enjoyed your blog and would like to suggest some sort of numerical 1-10 rating system to help b&w lovers slog through the endless sea. keep up the amazing work.

Jordan said...

Hmm...a 1 through 10? That's not a bad idea. I'll think about it. Maybe 1 through 5. I'm not sure I can discriminate cookie qualities with that much preciseness.



Anonymous said...

I just bought these last night. I didn't notice the price until I got home - $6.69 for TEN cookies! Oy!

I paid less for a Kashi pizza, packages of chicken breast, and only 30 cents more for a big bag of Mahi filets.

Last time I'll buy those. I could probably have family mail me a few genuine B&Ws from a bakery back home for less than what I paid for these 10.