Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Fernando's Bakery" brand Black & White Cookie

Something is STRANGE about this cookie, people! I bought it at a grocery store in Williamsburg in the afternoon, looked forward to it all day, and of course told people throughout the day that "I got a cookie waiting for me back home."

Plus: Right as I held it I could feel it was soft! Ironically, the black and white "cookie" is actually best when it is soft, more like cake, rather than crunchy like a cookie.

I put it to my mouth and already I smelled something weird. I bit in to the vanilla side (I always bite vanilla first, for some reason.) Oughwwow! There is a bad bad taste hidden in this cookie. A hint of soap, and even a hint of sweat. MAYBE it's my own hands but I don't normally have this problem when I eat food. And I know my own hands. This tastes like OTHER people's hands.

The cake was spongey but the vanilla side, as usual, was hard. The chocolate side however was soft all around. There was still a subtle gross sweat taste. If the chocolate side wasn't so good, I probably would have thrown it out.

Fernando's Bakery is in Linden, New Jersey, with the slogan "Taste the Quality." I did taste the quality. The bad quality. Sorry Fernando. But you have to wash your hands before you make these cookies.



Lindsay said...

i just bought one of these cookies and enjoyed it. Maybe they read your blog and fired whomever had sweaty soapy hands that was making the cookies.

Lindsay said...

nevermind i ate it too fast and now i'm going to puke