Thursday, January 18, 2007

Serpe's Bakery, Elsmere, Delaware

My friend Daniel:

...went to Delaware, and brought me back a surprise:

That's his label that he provided. He knows how this blog WORKS!

Serpe's eh?? Elsmere, eh??? Delaware, eh????

Let's see how Delaware does a Black and White Cookie.

I took out the cookie and it was FLAT. The opposite of the cookie I had last night (didn't even give myself time to digest...maybe the 2 cookies are making friends in my stomach.) It was
like a giant sized novelty coin. It was like a small Frisbee. Like a cartoon character after being smashed with a mallet.

The vanilla side -- Woooooow. REALLY good!! Very...DIFFERENT. Unique. Original. A vanilla I haven't tasted before. Very milky and sweet, like ice cream.

Chocolate: POW. Huge taste that punched me in the mouth. For such a flat cookie, it packed a lot of personality. The chocolate also had a strange transformation in it's aftertaste, getting into kind of a muddy dark chocolate flavor that slowly fades out in your mouth.

Looks delicious, doesn't it?

I can't even recall what the cake part was like, as the two flavors completely overpowered it. Maybe this is as it should be?

The icing was kind of hard. Probably cause the cookie had to travel from Delaware, then I waited a few days to eat it. But it will still edible. One of the cookies on this blog had icing as hard as a rock.

I finished the cookies and poured myself a glass of milk. Wow...look how one gl
ass drained the new milk that was bought:




Lady S said...

My father grew up in Utica, New York - home of the original black and white "cookie". I grew up on them and would never eat the prepackaged knock-offs you are consuming. Eww...

I found your blog while surfing Wikipedia for the population of Utica. I saw a link for an entry on the "cookies" and found you on that page.

I look foward to reading the further adventures of the Black and White Cookie Review Blog.

You need to get some Hemstrought's for true comparison.

Good luck to you.

Jordan said...

Thanks so much!

I've always thought I needed some Hemstroughts.


Anonymous said...

Hey, love your blog, as I am also from NJ and desperately love Black and White Cookies. The best i've had was Juniors in the theatre district in NY, right next to time square. Go check it out, its fabulous. Very nice icing, cake-y and evenly baked. Also heard the Roxy Delicatessen right in times square is also excellent. If i find anything else I like, i'll post another comment. Meanwhile, awesome blog.

amie said...

So funny to see serpes on your blog after I left the last comment... Serpes does make an edible B&W but the place is hit or miss depending on which teenage relative is working. I've never been a fan of anything from Serpes because it's just kind of a cruddy place but there are legions of faithful followers in elesmere. I think once I was standards were too high.

Anonymous said...

Hemstroughts b&W are definately the best!!! Juniors and Roxy's pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

there's really not even a debate. hemstrught's "half moons," as they're known, are in a (world) class by themselves. the rest of the B&W cookies are pretty much cardboard.

Morse said...

I grew up in the Utica area and I am BIG fan of Hemstroughts. But I have lived near NYC too and I have decided that there are 2 different cookies: Black & Whites vs. Half Moons. Half Moons made in upstate NY are a lot cakier than their downstate cousins. They are usually made with devil's food cake as a base and FROSTING for the top. The downstate version seems to be made mostly of a yellow cake base with ICING on top. This is usually what you find pre-packaged and I think they are a little cardboard for my taste.

I grew up with Hemstroughts, Holland Farms and the Friendly Bakeshop (Frankfort, NY) so I am a little biased towards the half moon. Growing up, my mom used to buy giant ones as my birthday cake!

james said...



Anonymous said...

I grew up in Utica too and remember the half-moon cookies.

My daughter had Hemostrought's ship me 2 dozen half-moon cookies for Father's Day. Awesome! Great gift for any cookie lover (and especially for any former Utican.)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is pretty interesting! Just wanted to let you know, Serpes, in Delaware, while they make take credit for their black and white cookie, buys them from a bakery wholesale company...they come in prepacked and frozen....the only thing they are responible for is opening the box they come in....this is why they are good and fresh tasting....because it does not require the fat lazy baker to do any work....believe me, I know, I work there and have for a couple years now! If you taste something fresh from that place it is only because it isnt made there...... check the department of health's complaints..... they will verify how dirty it is 'behind closed doors'! However, your blog is interesting and I look forward to trying cookies at these places you have reviewed!