Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweet City - CANCELLED!

I waited too long.

The already-stale cookie became more stale.

I threw the cookie away.

Maybe next time.



amy beth said...

You have probably extended your life span by 2 to 17 hours by avoiding that scaryness.

Jordan said...

Sure but it doesn't make up for the years I've destroyed thus far.

amy beth said...

much like the black and white cookie. the yin.
the yang.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan :-)
My name is Anna and I´m from Reykjav√≠k, Iceland. I´ve been practically obsessed with black and white cookies ever since i saw Jerry Seinfeld eating one on his show years and years ago. The sad thing is though i´ve never tasted one because I´ve never been to the US and they don´t make them here in bonny Iceland :-( So I was wondering...I´m coming to NY in May...could you possibly tell me where I can get the absolut best black and white cookie in all of Manhattan??
Best regards,

Jordan said...

Ohhh boy Anna, geez, ummm.

Honestly the best one was in Queens, NY, at a place called La Dolce Italia. I haven't done enough Manhattan bakeries yet, but Bleeker street is packed with a ton of cookie and cake places.

I also very much enjoyed the black and white cookies at the DONUT PUB on 14th street. You can find the blog about it somewhere around here!

Joanna said...

Oh Jordan, I love you! It's time for your monthly post.

Your #1 ho,

Jordan said...

Ergh, sorry, life has been getting in the way.

A new bakery is opening up AROUND THE CORNER FROM ME. I promise there will be an update soon.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to know, what was the best kind of Black and White Cookie you've had? Like, flat-out, no contest, greatest B&W you've ever eaten?

joanna said...

Oh Jordan: Do you want to tell me where you live so I can meet you around the corner at the new bakery, and we can share a cookie? Wheee.

Love, your #1 fan,

Anonymous said...

The best black & white cookie I ever had was a 'double-sided' from Gristedes. I was not as 'scientific' as you, and I did not read the shrinkwrapped-label. It was there one day. And never again. Ever. The counter guy said they get 'treats' on Tuesdays. I'd go every Tuesday, for a while -- sort of (makes good writing?). Anyway, it may not be that far from the truth. It was perfect. Well, very good. Unfortunately, I'm no longer in NYC. Back in LA. Ehh.
And, I also have had the 'concern' that what if most came from the same place? The big black & white cookie factory. Funny what people have in common. Nice blog.
Funnier what brought me to this blog. You ever gonna move to LA? Start the band?

Trojan said...

You're silly..perhaps you need a cookie from texas:P

Kevin said...

You should try the new Dolce Italia on Metropolitan here in Kew Gardens. I got a B&W cookie there over the weekend and it was on par with the Dolce Italia in Forest Hills--so good...

Jordan said...

That's been next on my list (?) for a while. Sorry I haven't updated. Maybe I'll take a walk over there now.

Anonymous said...

Come back to us Jordan. The internet is a cold, dark place without your cookie reviews.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,
Miss reading your posts. I am coming to NYC next month and will be trying out a few of the places that you recommended for Black and White cookies. Have a great weekend.