Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hot and Tasty

Hello Cookie Crew!

Union Turnpike. This rounded corner that merges Kew Gardens road into Queens Blvd is where I've emerged from the F and E train most of my life. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with
this particular area. Some days I'm so sick of it, I never want to come out of that subway again. But it's hard to not be nostalgic, though is it possible to be nostalgic for something I still pass by every single day?

One of the less consistent things about this area has been what business actually takes shop on this corner. For a long time it was a Nathan's. Then a few years ago it became a "Hot and Tasty" bakery, with pizza I have no interest in trying, as an incredibly great pizza place (La Rondine) is only a few feet away. Besides my theory is, if pizza isn't a place's primary concern or reason for being (i.e. a bakery also having some pizza too if people want it maybe!) then it can't be too good.

I took a drive over to buy a black and white cookie.

Check me out in my car. I'm an adult.

Here was their display.

And look, some cute chocolate rats!

It's funny for a city to chocolatize it's flaws, like it's rat problem. Let's see some chocolate bad traffic too! And chocolate homeless. FREAKIN' CHOCOLATE GULIANI!

So I wasn't able to eat the cookie until a few hous later, and it wasn't shrinkwrapped or anything. I'm not sure if it became stale or was ALREADY stale, but when I bit into it, it was....INCREDIBLY STALE. Rock hard and completely and wholeheartedly unpleasant.


I bit into the vanilla. The vanilla icing FELL OFF in my mouth. You hear me? Is anybody listening to this? The vanilla actually SEPARATED from the cookie in my mouth, as if they were just barely hanging on to each other in the first place.

It was good though. The vanilla. Kind of sugary and "nice" as I wrote in my notes (it's been a few days since eating, I'm sorry but my memory isn't so good right now.) The actual cake was pretty crappy but I enjoyed peeling off the vanilla and eating it.

Next I tried the chocolate. It managed to hang together with the cookie but it wasn't very good. It tasted like really cheap chocolate. Like Choczel's brand chocolate.

Like when you buy some really cheap weird brand of candy you've never seen before, and at first bite it tastes good, then after a few bites you go "ohhh, now I see. This sucks."

Something that MAY be of interest is that the vanilla icing actually had chocolate icing UNDER it. aaaaaaHA!!! I was already suspicious when the vanilla fell right off, but it seems that it was actually hiding what may have been a FULLY CHOCOLATE COOKIE that had some vanilla slopped on top of it like a cheap paint job on a shitty car.

As you can see, I could barely finish this thing. I don't know if the cookies are always stale and crappy or if I had some bad luck.

Actually I would bet most of the cookies I review probably taste wildly different from night to night. But that would imply this blog is a completely useless waste of time, and of course, that would be crazy!??

Well I've gotta go not go to sleep, then wake up exhausted, then be tired all day at work, then come home, and not go to sleep again, and etc, etc.


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Matt said...

chocolate rats? all i have to say is "it's about time"