Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Le Bon Cafe

Today's cookie review is from Le Bon Cafe in Penn Station, NYC. Every day when I'm pushed home from work, I take the 5:38 pm train from Penn Station. It's becoming so routine that I recognize all the people that take the very same train.

There's Beardy and Weirdy, a couple (one guy with a really long beard, and a hipster crazy eyed girl who is always with him.)

Then there's Cute Girl of Indeterminate age (I can't tell if she's 15 or 20, but she's cute, and she looks like she may not even speak english, or maybe she does?)

And then there's big fat guy who is always asleep wearing headphones, presumably a subliminal hypnosis weight loss tape playing. I'm assuming none of these people are aware of this blog.

There's also Jewish Guy Who Is Always On Cellphone. He wears a Yamaka. He's always running onto the train at full speed and looks really stressed out. Probably from having to be Jewish all the time (I'm only Jewish like once a year, and lately not even.)

And last but not least is Unbelievably Hot Girl. OK, I only saw her once, but she's worth a mention. I literally did a double take as I stood up from my seat to leave and saw her. She looked like she
came from another dimension. Why does she even need a train? I always imagine people who are that hot don't need to be transported, they can somehow just appear wherever they want.

Well anyway, I went into a little place called Le Bon Cafe, and saw they had shrinkwrapped black and white cookies. For those who don't know German, Le means "His", Bon means "ugly", and "Cafe" means "butt." Despite the name, the cookies looked good, and they felt soft and fresh.

I had left the cookie in my cookiebag (or, my "bookbag") for 2 days, and in the process it became smushed, the vanilla icing being lifted off the cake and sticking to the wrapping. HOWEVER, this was entirely different than the last cookie I ate, who's rock hard icing I was able to pop off the cake like a lid on a pringles can. This new cookie's icing came off because it was moist, vulnerable and sticky (JUST HOW I LIKE EM, WINK WINK!)

I plopped myself down and checked this shit out.

Mmmmm. The vanilla side was very good, just as I figured it would be. I was able to peel it off the wrapping and slap it back on the cookie. It was chewy and had a real natural vanilla taste, not too sugary.


Sorry about that, everybody.

Then I tried the chocolate side.

Pretty much the same. Very good and fresh, chewy. I enjoyed eating it more than the vanilla side.

You can tell from this picture that the chocolate was very fudgey.

My only criticism is that the cake was virtually tasteless. I tried eating some of it by itself and it had no discernible flavor, unlike some of the strong lemony flavors I'd taste in other cookies. It was still decent, but a really strong cake flavor would have put this cookie OVER THE TOP! OVER THE TOP, JERRY!

That's actually a picture of me draining milk INTO the glass. I don't know where it comes from.



katecape said...

hey jordan!
i must confess that i haven't checked the cookie blog lately but i've had some time on my hands so i'm catching up!
i am searching for some new england b&w's for you that are worthy of judgement and promise that next trip to nyc i won't come empty handed....
the best part, is the sampling- which leads to my new purchase- an elliptical machine that nate was so kind to put together for me....(now i just have to heal up from a broken foot before i can get on the darned thing!)
now i'm not blaming the b&w's, but rather all the other lovely pastries that i can't seem to avoid!!!
hope you had a great holiday season and that you have fun on new years! look out for falling crystal balls!


kathy brown

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan,
This is your lucky day. I am the hot girl on the train. lol. Just kidding Happy New Year.

Jordan said...

That wasn't funny

Matt Fisher said...

black and white cookies from a plastic wrapper? thats blasphemy my friend