Sunday, February 01, 2009


Hello best friends!

This week's cookie was purchased and eaten at Lenny's on 9th avenue and 43rd street. It was recommended by some coworkers. I met my friend Matt Koff there and we HAD AT IT!

Lenny's is across from Westway Diner, the diner I take my lunch break at about once a week. Westway is special because they have Oreo Cookie milkshake, as well as a Caramel shake and a hazelnut shake! Wow!!

Matt showed up and tried to avoid the camera, but I got him!

First we had a very quick pizza slice at Lazara's Pizza right next door. It was ridiculously expensive for a tiny, tiny slice and it tasted average. It WAS good, but so expensive that it left a bitter taste in my bitter mouth.

Here is Matt eating, then reflecting.

Anyway, on to Lenny's! Here is it's funny little logo! It looks like that cartoon chef is expecting a tip with his other hand!


I checked the freezers for some milk to buy, but they only had MUSCLE MILK (what is that stuff?) and chocolate milk. The idea of drinking chocolate milk with a cookie to me is absolutely absurd, and after laughing myself half to death, I regained composure and went to a next door grocery to look for some milk to sneak in to Lenny's. All they had was very expensive (again!) tiny tiny juice box of milk. It was about as much money as a whole quart of another brand of milk! But I'm not taking an open quart of milk onto the train ride home. That would look silly.

It said to shake (why? I don't recall ever shaking milk before.) SO I DID. And YOU get to see it, you lucky, lucky people.

Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your milky!

Or: Now THAT'S what I call a MILKSHAKE! Hahahahahaha!

Matt had an amazingly difficult time ordering a black and white cookie. His delicate sensibilties wouldn't allow a cookie that had some "shmutz" on it (I believe it can be spotted in the picture above, and god bless those of you scrolling up to check right now!), but the cute blonde asian girl who didn't speak much english didn't understand how he wanted a black and white cookie, but not THAT black and white cookie. She would grab the cookie, then Matt would say no, so she'd put it down, then Matt would say he DOES want a cookie, and confusion ensued.

I bit the vanilla side.

Hm. It smells a little strange.  The vanilla did not have a glaringly huge flavor.  The cake overpowered it, especially with it's strange strange texture.  It was oddly soft, like a thick sponge.  It felt like it was inflating inside your mouth after every chew.  That sounds kind of pleasureable - but it threw me off.  It felt weird.  

Next I bit Mr. Chocolate.

It was pretty good.  Me and Matt both agreed it almost tasted like an Entenmanns chocolate donut.  I asked Matt if he smelled something strange, and he responded saying he was "smell deaf."  This made me laugh!  And it still does.

Despite my minor complaints, it WAS a good cookie.  Not the best, but I ate it pretty fast.  Then drank some weird tasting milk.  Matt stared off into the distance, like the painting behind him.

And me?  Had to wipe some weird milk off of my face.

See you next time, folks!



sarah said...

yeah, i can totally imagine the matt/confused-asian scenario all too well.

unrelatedly, blogger's word verification for this comment is "uncutbi." umm.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you posting once again.

Jordan said...

Thanks, Kat!


Anonymous said...

Woop! I can't believe I was so late to this one.

Nat Marie said...

You mean that all black and white cookies don't taste the same? You know, overly sweet?

But that pizza was tiny. They looked like one of those frozen pizzas.

Katie said...

i love how you always have the vanilla side first!