Monday, June 28, 2010

I have a new website!

Hello there!

Unfortunately this post is not cookie related, but I feel it is my responsibility to inform you all that I have a NEW website.

It's called

You go to the site, fill out a form, and paypal a measly $10, and I will write a song about you. It's all based on whatever you want to tell me in the form. There are some previous song examples in the archive section, and everything is explained thoroughly in the F.A.Q.

It would be cool if people checked this out! Super cool.



Kat said...


I can't remember how I came across your blog... I found myself laughing out loud a lot though. Thanks for that.

As for your website idea, why don't you charge $5 and go on this website:



sknittymama said...

Just came across your cookie blog (!) and then saw that you also write songs for people. Yay! Sadly, I see that the price has increased from $10 to $125... still tempted, but it's not as quick a decision. Would it take 4 weeks or could it be sooner?