Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pizza Villagio Cafe

Oh hi, Internet!

Yesterday me and my friend Matt Koff went to see Conan O' Brien's show at Radio City Music Hall. It was a fun and funny extravaganza, with special guests (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Paul Rudd, John Krasinski) and not as special guests (Vampire Weekend.) We also got a video from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and an amazing display of the Walker Texas Ranger Lever.
None of this however, compared to THE BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE I ATE BEFORE THE SHOW.

Me and Matt wandered into a place called Pizza Villagio (1412 6th Avenue, near 58th street.) I wasn't expecting much -- it was one of those all purpose deli/pizza/grocery store places where normally everything is a bit on the average side. My general theory is if pizza (or any food) is a secondary concern of your place of business, it won't be too good. Dramatic pause.

(more dramatic!)


I was wrong.

The pizza was actually really good. Like...REALLY good. And on my way to pay for it, next to rows of amazing looking brownies and cakes, I saw...shrink-wrapped black and white cookies. Right by the cash register, those sneaky, diabolical devils. Why not buy one? I didn't have my camera for this one, so excuse the poor quality cell phone pictures, which look kind of sleazy and amateur porn-like.

Holy Hell. It was GOOD. Really good. I can't believe I'm saying this, but one of the best I've had on this blog.

I ate it so fast, I forgot to take notes. But the general gist of it was (chomp):

It was soft, chewy, and delicious. The chocolate side tasted unique, and the icing melted in my mouth. The vanilla side, WHICH WAS VERY SLIGHT (my only criticism) was not a tough and sugary plastic lid, but rather a soft and tasty treat.

With my filthy fingers I begrudgingly tore a small piece off for Matt to try. He seemed to agree that it was good. We left Pizza Villagio...FOREVER.

Check out their hilarious (no it's not) website:

See ya next time, suckers!



Stephanie said...


This is my new favorite blog! I thought I was the only person who was obsessed with finding the "perfect" B&W cookie. My family and friends say I need help! I literally will buy a B&W from anywhere and everywhere I see one. It is an impossible task to find a good B&W cookie in FL. where I am from. I am extremely jealous that you live in the epi-center of B&W cookies! People down here in FL just don't know how to make them the way they do up by you!

Thanks again for creating such a great blog and please keep posting!!

Jordan said...

thanks stephanie! i have a few ideas for posts down the line -- it's just so hard to find time these days! there is more to come though. thank you so much!