Monday, February 12, 2007

KING RICHARD Black and White


Noble Jordan the 1st, in misrememberance of his camera's batteries, must etch with weary hands the telltale story of King Richard the Cookie, of Mt. Vernon, New Yorketh. King Richard had cake of darkest brown, unusual for a cookie of his ilk!

"And what a gray day" proclaimed his servant, Lorelee, "I would weep!"

"A fool sees a gray day," smirked the King. "In my hearts eye, the day is Black and White!"

The hand of God smashes down. Bitten is King's vanilla side.

Ouch! Teeth surprised at rock hard bite! Vanilla barely there, under rusty dirty taste of cake that's old. Sugary flavor, unmemorable. Strange cake taste!


Darkness arrives, and gobbled aside!

Rubbery texture, like biting toy of dog!
Chocolate tastes good, but not very strong!
The cake on it's own is filled with delight
The flavors on top are all too slight!

"I will not be bitten," yells King Richard, "by the cursed likes of thee!
To toil and rule, under a golden red sky,
Lambs at my feet, crown on my crown,
No God bites without consequence,
No man is bitten without rage!"

As final bites commence, shining angels descend.
The King is King of the Underworld now,
as his final words spelled out by falling trees
his ghost decrees,

"My cake was brown
My vanilla was hard.
My chocolate was rubbery,
My flesh has been marred.

Oh, the foul, sickly life of a man.
He speaks and no one hears,
He cries and children laugh,
Under a fool's moon, and a howling sky,
I am only too glad to die."



Matt said...

so uh you didn't like it then?

Jordan said...