Sunday, February 18, 2007

POP Diner Black and White Cookie

Me and my friend Dave went to a diner on Queens blvd, called POP. This is POP:

That's me on the left.

Anyway, POP isn't a GREAT diner, but it's Halloween color scheme and forced sense of fun gives me unexplainable intense urges to drive there during the dead of night.

Dave had a giant omelette and I had a piece of apple pie, that was surprisingly giant. HUGE. It was like 20 apples. Except unhealthy. And with whip cream, which I spread around the crust like frosting. And I had a "extra thick chocolate milk shake." It was basically a giant glass f
ull of chocolate ice cream. Did I mention when I got home I had a splitting headache, and then started feeling nauseous right before bed?

As we were leaving, I saw a bunch of black and white cookies. Dave convinced me (it wasn't difficult) to buy one for this old blog. As I grabbed it out of the basket, I noticed HOLY CRAP! It's HUGE! Everything in this place is huge! It also looked REALLY good. Huge and mishapen and homemade. Mmmm.

So the next night I prepared myself the meal. Here is the weird, misshapen cookie.

Holy crap!!! Put on your 3D Glasses people, because we're going to take a journey across the rocky caverns and strangely textured terrain of this monster cookie.

Lunar landing! We have reached surface! There appears to be stretched out dents in the land, possibly from plastic wrap tightening over the icing. Let us explore further!

We have climbed over to the chocolate side. Bumpy rocky protrusions are making their way to the surface, along with rolling hills and a caved in border, possibly the result of an ancient earthquake or continental dividing. MAGNIFICATION X100000...

Is there a face in that Mars rock?

It appears some chocolate side has been melding with the vanilla. So much that it pops out a bit towards the center of the planet's surface, and the brown crust can even be seen a full inch UNDER the vanilla when looked at closer:

A hidden valley of chocolate under the vanilla! For miles and miles!

OK enough of this:

Bit vanilla (as you can see.) INTENSELY HUGE lemon taste from the cake. HUGE. Vanilla? No. All I can taste is the cake.

Bit the chocolate.

(P.S. Look how HUGE this cookie is in relation to the plate...)

Didn't taste it. Just the cake. A hint of chocolate. But it mostly tastes like a cakey cookie you'd get at a diner.

Tried to keep eating it.

Blergh. It's getting really hard to finish this thing. Its like eating 10 pancakes. All I taste is cake, and the vanilla side ESPECIALLY is becoming increasingly unpleasant to choke down.

Eating it has ceased to be fun.


Finally it was over. Though normally my plate is wiped clean, I just couldn't bear to finish the remaining crumbs. Even looking at them made me sick.

Don't get me wrong. The cookie was good. I mean...every black and white cookie tastes GOOD (except Fernando's....) But some are just...not THAT good. And make you sick halfway through.


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