Friday, February 23, 2007

Patisserie Croissants in Times Square

7th avenue and 44th street. A small, incredibly overpriced bakery in Times Square. I was being dropped off from a job (holding a boom mic over Charlie Murphy's head!) and saw a big pile of Black and White Cookies in the window. Well, how could I not...?

It was $3.25. WOW! Expensive. Really crazy. It should be only around $2. Yeah. O.K. Control anger. O.K.

So I brought it home and sat on it (not literally) for a day, and tonight took it out of it's bag.

to find this:

AUGH! Maybe I DID sit on it. Cracks had form and the cookie was falling apart inside it's plastic wrap. It looks like the Phantom of the Opera.

I gently, GENTLY, unwrapped the plastic and placed it down on a plate.


...And it all fell apart into a thousand pieces. Now it looks like Steve Buscemi from "Fargo." "I GOT FUGGIN SHOT..IN THE FASHE!!"

Oh well, on with the show.

I took a bite of the vanilla side.

Nothing. All I taste is big fat cake.

I took a bite of the chocolate side.

BOOM. Huge chocolate taste. Very disproportionate to the vanilla side. It tasted like really strong Hershey's Chocolate milk, when you put too much syrup in the glass. It was very good. But maybe too strong. Still too much thick cake though.

Note: The icing was kind of rubbery and I was able to actually peel it off. Observe.

I ended up not being able to finish the cookie. Maybe the fact that it broke apart took the fun out of chomping out of it. Or maybe the mission of eating so many black and white cookies is destroying me. This is the 2nd one in a row I couldn't finish.

This is my mouth. It's so tired.

Sorry about that.


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fluterfreak said...

wow Jordan... that was pretty amazing. i read every single entry on this blog, annnnnnd it made me never want to try a B&W cookie, EVER. cos it's such a crapshoot of wether or not you're gonna get a good one :P
anyway, i just spent like a half an hour of mine time reading this, and i am now going to go do something productive with my time, like anything but this :D
haha have fun cookie hunting!!
-Betsy (remember me?? ?)