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Cheyenne's Diner on 9th avenue and 33rd street

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This classic round the clock diner serves both weary travelers arriving from nearby Penn Station, but also postal workers from the James Farley post office complex across 9th Avenue. The facility is still expected to be partially converted into a new Penn Station sometime this decade.

A western motif is also apparent in the menu... the Cheyenne serves steer-burgers.
The burger is the cynosure of any diner, and like Wimpy I eat a LOT of them (but unlike Wimpy, I pay right away). Excellent burgers here, about a half pound of meat. The Mohegan, my burger of choice, comes slathered in onions and bacon and barb-b-cue sauce and you wish the experience could never end.


Sounds lovely! I did not actually eat here however (I have before), but only stopped in on an extremely rainy night to grab a cookie before heading into my car. Here's the picture I took:

Now since this was the last remaining cookie in a big empty tray, and it was past 1 am, perhaps it was not as fresh as it could be. I tried to keep that in mind when rev-eating it (reviewing/eating.)

The bag was rained upon as I threw it in my car and drove home. I took it out and noticed the interesting pattern of the icing:


Anyway, wow, look at that icing! I bit of vanilla splintering into the chocolate side. Not to mention the uneven shape and vanilla kind of draping over the side of the cookie.

The unfortunate thing is while the icing LOOKS all smooth and soft, it was pretty hard. I've noticed in this blog that the cookies always do seem to look better than they end up tasting.
The cake had an almost burnt quality to it. Check it out along the edges, ladies.

The vanilla side was almost tasteless - just a big mass of cookie cake. Like the last diner cookie I tried, this tasted a lot like those free cookies diners sometimes have near the cash register.

The chocolate side was very good, like a chocolate milkshake. Unlike many other cookies, the chocolate and vanilla sides were completely equal in terms of chewyness or hardness. It was somewhere in the middle. Not rock-like icing but not soft or fresh (again, it was 1 am, so I can forgive this.)

I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but I had been forgetting this whole time to try a few bites of BOTH the vanilla and chocolate. I have to say, this cookie tasted MUCH better this way. The chocolate wasn't too intense and the vanilla stood out more.

All in all it was VERY THICK. Just look.

This would be good if it was kind of spongy and soft, but it was very tough and chewy. What the forgotten-ny write up said about Cheyenne's giant burgers did NOT only apply to the meat...

Maybe I have this ideal cookie in my mind that just doesn't exist. Maybe it goes against the entire nature of a black and white cookie?

I say what these cookies SHOULD be, but maybe they just ARE what they ARE?

I'm going to go crazy.

Here's my reaction to the cookies:

Hey this is a pretty darn good picture of me. I hate how I look but these cookie reaction photos always come out pretty well. Maybe eating a cookie just brings out this glowing confidence that can only be captured in those few moments?


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