Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grand Central Station

On the way back from an interview at a temp agency, I passed by this bakery in grand central station. To try to keep from killing myself I bought a cookie to eat later that day. This place had no sign or name.

I got the cookie home and smelled it. It smelled like french fries. Why?

I wrapped it up and 2 nights later gave it a shot. It's very clean looking, unlike the last cookie. Looks very perfect and polite.

The vanilla side was GREAT! Really unique tasting. I don't think any cookie I've reviewed tasted like this. I'm going crazy because it was the kind of vanilla that tasted REALLY familiar, and I can't quite place how. It had a very candy sweetness to it. I RECOMMEND THIS COOKIE solely for the vanilla side. And if you buy this cookie, please e-mail me and tell me what this taste reminds you of, cause I'm slapping myself silly trying to place the this familiar feeling


The chocolate side was typical of the kind of cookies I've come into contact with all month. Very very rich deep chocolatey, very intense, like a milkshake. In fact, for this cookie I preferred the vanilla side whole heartedly. Chocolate? YAAAAAAAWN.

The cake also had a very good flavor, I would eat it alone without icing. It was not too fat and it wasn't too tough, though I would not call it moist or soft either. But again, it wasn't exactly fresh by the time I ate it.

Maybe you can tell my heart isn't in this review. It's because my sister sent me a box from australia that contained a NEW kind of Kit Kat... (drum roll) COOKIE DOUGH KIT KAT. WHAT?!?!?!

After stuffing my tummy with the cookie-so-yummy, I opened the giant sized Kit Kat and had to try it. It was good, but the caramel inside seemed to overpower any cookie dough there may have been. If it didn't say so on the package, I never would have guessed there was cookie dough.

After that I had some pretzels to wash it all down!

Wow if you line up all the photos of me you can watch my hair growing!

Back to your regularly scheduled black-and-white-cookie blog.



Tim said...

Hey, just found this blog. I'm from NJ and my dad works in the city, and we share a love for Black and Whites. We tried making them once, and they actually came out decently, though they were a bit thin.

Though I've had better, the most regularly satisfying black and whites I know of are the prepackaged (gasp!) variety, put out by the Daisy Company. As I said, they're not amazing, but they are reliably enjoyable. Pretty good texture and flavor when you get them "fresh".

Keep up the good work, but I request that you always take a bite that includes both flavors, as this helps to capture the true essence of the cookie.

Jordan said...

Yeah I reviewed Daisy's, check out the archive! It did NOT get a good review.