Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flagship Diner on Queens BLVD

Hello loyal cookie gobblers!

I have not felt like updating this for a while. I suspect this blog may be kind of...stupid?!?

BUT I got the craving for a black and white cookie, and a craving for a blog update, and so here it is. Unfortunately as I steadied the camera to take a picture of that first bite, the batteries ran out.

I went with my friend Dave to the diner that never closes, the Flagship.

This is a placemat from a few months back. Not intended for use on this blog, hence Simpsons (and improvised Boomhauer from King of the Hill, hey not bad) doodles all over it.

I've always UNprofessionally loved Flagship's black and white cookies, but I have been waiting to review them here. Maybe I was scared that when compared to the ton of cookies I've reviewed, the Flagship's wouldn't seem as wonderful.

So I sat down, put on my new last season of Batman Beyond DVD :AWESOME!

I WISH that was me.



The vanilla side was DELICIOUSHISH. So great. So tasty. It was soft and had the taste AND texture of the vanilla icing you'd find on a homemade cupcake.

It was so good I was LICKING it off just to savor every little bit. Too bad my camera ran out of batteries. Oh well.

The chocolate side was not very impressive. It was really fun to eat, but it did not inspire any sort of description. It was a bit harder than the vanila side (rare) and even the taste of the cake overpowered it.

With every bite of the chocolate, all I could think of was the time NOT being spent biting the vanilla.

The cookie disappeared very fast, and there was not a crumb left on the plate.

3 CHEERS for Flagship Diner.

To see some footage of Flagship Diner, check out my short film "Helping Joe" (2003.) They graciously let us spend all night filming a scene there (for FREE.)




Pam said...

Hey Jordan,
I stumbled across your blog awhile back when I was looking for Black and White cookie recipes. Great reviews..I feel as if I'm eating the cookies right along with you. Unfortunately, no B&W cookies anywhere here in TN. =(

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Corrine said...

I've started to obsess over black & white cookies I had in Rochester, NY. One mysterious bakery that I never went to (depending on the kindness of coworkers to return with a cookie for me when they went out to research their wedding cakes) - and never anywhere the same...

Something about this description takes me back. It's been over 10 years (can you even believe it?) and I'm still obsessed.

The power of the black & white is undeniable.

Anonymous said...

Flagship Diner is the worst diner imaginable. They are racists that wear cumberbuns. Their 80's mirrors on the walls do not hide the hatred they have for blacks and minorities. Of course they would have a "black and white" cookie-notice the white part is always bigger than the black.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan,
I don't know if it updates you on comments on these past posts, but I cannot believe that no one has yet commented on the short film you posted here; it was quite intense and I'm sure took a lot of work so kudos! I love black and white cookies (had some when I lived out in Philly and could travel to NYC enough to enjoy them) and believe it or not they have them in Madison, Wisconsin too! They are quite tasty, though lack the lemony taste found on the East Coast.