Friday, April 20, 2007

Beigel's Black & Whites

So right after Matt called me about "Angel's Bakery" (see previous post), I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom had bought a container of "Beigel's Black & Whites" from Brooklyn, NY. Wohhhh boy, it's gonna be a busy week here at the ol' cookie blog' !

Look, a comforting small list of ingredients compared to the last cookie. Far from popular belief, not everything that Beigel's brand makes are bagels. (I bet they have damn good bagels though.) They also make cookies. Black and WHITE cookies!.... LITTLE Black and White Cookies!

CHECK IT OUT! These cookies are SMALL!!







First I took a bite of the vanilla side.

VERY lemony, sugary, sweet and tasty. A bit tough, but not TOO hard. Kind of reminded me of the ones I got from the Black and White Cookie Company. The lemon overpowered the vanilla, so I would not consider this a very great vanilla side. But it was scrumptious none the less-tious.

Then I bit the chocolate side.

The first words that came to mind were bright, happy, and yum. I can scan my notes if you don't believe me. Not an intense chocolate, but very light and tasty. Again, very different than the last cookie.

I ate the 2nd cookie very fast.

Oh no, only one left!

All in all they were fun to eat. Like candy. Not the best I've had, but I would not hesitate to buy somebody a container of these cookies for their birthday. And only $4.25!

Special thanks to google images.



Alex said...

Haha this is an awesome blog. I'm obsessed with black and white cookies, particularly after seeing the Seinfeld episode with it. Living in Nashville I have only found one place that has them. They're very good, although not extremely fresh. I get them almost weekly now. :D
Keep up this cool and interesting blog.

Jordan said...

thanks dude! Wow, Nashville. A lot of people around the country have told me they don't even know what a black and white cookie is!


Andy said...

This is interesting, I live in Nashville too. And there are 2 places to get black and whites.
One is the Noshville Deli, but with theirs the cake is too hard & dry and the sizes are too large or small.
The other is the Fresh Market; often these are labelled "Joey's" like the kind you reviewed before, some have no label. But at least they are reasonably fresh and the right size and texture.
My reference b&w is (was) Everbest when I lived in NY

Alex said...

Hey Andy. I was getting my cookies from Fresh Market hah. A couple days after I commented I found out Noshvlle had them hehe. Also I discovered that Harris Teeter sells them, supposedly fresh baked (but they don't seem very fresh). Those are made by Joey's. So at least 3 places. It's cool to see a fellow B&W lover in Nashville.

Pam said...

I'll have to check out the Fresh Market. I don't think I've ever noticed them there before but then again, I never looked for them there.

Sarah said...

Woah, a pogs reference! I so fondly remember the days of pogs.

love the blog by the way, I too am obsessesed with black & white cookies but I haven't had one in a while.. but I usually get them at the little, cheapy delis/bakeries in Manhattan that have them wrapped in plastic wrap in a basket by the register. classic!

so have you tried the william greenberg bakery? I heard they have the best but I have yet to try them.

Anonymous said...

hahaha I'm in Nashville too. I can find black & whites at Costco sometimes. They aren't what I used to get when I lived in NYC, but hey, I'll take what I can down here!