Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Classic

Taste the Best! Wow was I excited to find this cookie! I was on my way to see Spiderman 3 (the BEST movie ever!!!!) and I stopped in a tiny crappy magazine shop to buy a giant bottle of water for the long trip. Before leaving I double checked the cookie selection and HELLOOO! I certainly would like to "taste the best!"

Saw Spiderman 3. Came home.

Unwrapped cookie.

Smart people may be able to tell that the vanilla side got a bit beaten up. I had to sneak it in my pocket into the movie theater. It stayed with me during the WHOOOOLE movie! It loved Spiderman 3 too! Especially how everything that happened made so much sense!!


I tried the vanilla, and I noticed the cookie was INCREEDIBLY soft. Almost like it was wet.
Moist. But it was really good. The vanilla was...well...average. Not a huge taste but it was pleasant.

The chocolate was pretty much the same. Even softer and also not a hugely strong taste. I ev
en ate it with the icing side down on my tongue to get the most flavor.

A very good cookie but not the greatest and very generic.

Eating both sides at once was pretty damn satisfying though. It was like Spiderman 3 all over again!

The cookie went by so fast, that I had room for more. My mom had bought more of the Beigel's brand small cookies (see last blog), so I had one...for dessert (??)

Wow, I look as good in this picture as...Spiderman 3!

Fuck you!



Amie said...

I am a huge fan of black & white cookies. I used to get them at a bakery called Triana in NYC when I was little and we would go visit my grandmother. Last year a group of guys from New York came to Wilmington, DE and opened a place called La Bagel Delight... I can't tell you how psyched I was when we went there for lunch and they had a whole tray of fresh made Black & Whites. They don't sell them down here except for the occasional prepackaged gas station cookie (yuck) At $2.00 a pop it was worth it. I had one and it was like I was a little kid all over again. I ended up buying the whole tray and took them home to the family. Big mistake, we ate them all that night because they were just that good. If you ever venture down 1-95 take a detour to the MLK exit and head to market street. You won't be dissapointed!!

Jordan said...

Woh. Ummm Ok I'll try to remember!

The MLK exit? What is that?


amie said...

1-95 south to martin luther king boulevard!