Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trellis' Diner on Roosevelt Island

The other day I met with my friend Matt to play frisbee on the beautiful Roosevelt Island.

After an evening of having-to-keep-running-across-the-park-to-get-the- frisbee-that-was-thrown-wildly-off-target, we checked out the one and only Roosevelt Island diner on Roosevelt Island's one and only street.

Even though I was full after our wonderful dinner, matt convinced me to get us a coupl'a black and white cookies and glasses of milk. It all looked so delicious.

Me and Matt unwrapped the cookies.

Right away I noticed the cake looked very pale and crusty. I had a bad feeling.

Me and Matt both took our first bites of the vanilla side.

OOOOUCH! Hard. Like cold steel. It didn't taste like anything I've had before. It was kind o
f gross. Not vanilla, more just like...white something. And the cake...blecch. Too much cake with too little taste. It was like eating styrofoam. Huh. Blogger wants me to capitalize "styrofoam." I guess I never thought of it as a brand name, specifically. WELL WELL!

I ate the chocolate side...

Hmm. The chocolate side tastes VERY familiar. What could it be? Matt was able to pinpoint it. Like chocolate Betty Crocker frosting. Ahhhh!

And yet, the entire overall taste was unpleasant. I love when a cupcake has Betty Crocker wapped on top of it, but the thick, dry cake made the cookie a chore to eat. We were both very very disappointed. Especially Matt, who as an innocent and less experienced cookie eater than me, was unprepared for the dreams-dashing mediocrity and depressing anticlimactic taste of the below average black and white cookie.

And they always LOOK so good!

Matt started peeling the frosting off and eating it, leaving a naked cooke in his wake.

We could have used these things as frisbees! (huh...another word Blogger wants me to capitalize! Augh!!)

Meanwhile, I was having fun with my cookie. I noticed that the chocolate smushy frosting took fingerprints very well. Cops should use these!

And then I picked off some vanilla glass shards and smushed them into the chocolate.

(Note: Blogger says "smushed" isn't a word?!? What?!!?)

Matt claimed his cookie for France.

See how thick and oddly textured the cake is? It stuck right in!

After the meal, we did what we always do. Reenact our favorite scenes from Terry Gilliam's Brazil!

See ya everyone!



Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog. I too love black and white cookies, and have had my share of horrible ones.
The best one I've had is from The Park Bakery in Seaside Park, NJ. Theirs is perfect...the cake, that lemon taste, and the icing..especially the vanilla.
I can't wait to get down there.

Jordan said...

Thanks, anonymous!


Melissa said...

Your blog makes me happy.

If you're ever in Pittsburgh, the Smallman Street Deli has fantastic black and white cookies; I had one last night and it made me very very happy. Also, there's a company in Baltimore called Berger's that makes cookies - they're not black and whites, but they're similar in theory (a layer of cake/cookie covered by a thick layer of fudge). I thoroughly recommend trying them, if you haven't already:

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Madagaskar said...

I'd prefer the cookie than the island. The Island is beautiful, but too much crowded for my lifestile.

Elliott Broidy said...

You guys are so funny!