Monday, July 02, 2007


It's been weeks now since the Black and White Cookie Blog has been updated! A long-standing cookie drought has exhausted the city, as citizens and onlookers ask -- "how? ... why?"

The mayor (pictured here, on 9/11) had this to say:

"We...Americans...must stand strong. While we wait for rescue teams to fly in, we must learn to conserve our... black and white cookies. If anybody has a the vanilla side today, and the chocolate side tomorrow...Or half of each side today. Anyway you want to do fine....But try to let your supply last you till the end of the week...And give women and children your highest priority. There are shelters being established in every borough...With makeshift black and whites being given out...They are rye bread slices with chocolate jello pudding on one side and cream cheese on the other...They're the best we could do until this crisis is over."

When the dry spell is over, the Black and White Cookie Blog will commence with it's regular updates. Stay strong!


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