Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Donut Pub

Years ago, me and my friends were walking west on 14th street in Manhattan, NY. As we ventured towards the setting sun, we passed a quaint looking little place called --

The Donut Pub.

My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I recall (and I believe my friends will also, if you should ask them -- contact me for their e-mails) myself exploding with excitement, literally exclaiming "oh my god!" and running inside the cozy and delicious smelling eatery.

What we found was literally a pub with donuts instead of drinks. The only place to sit is along the counter, the only thing behind the counter are donuts, and coffee machines. The other customers included extremely old people, hugely obese people, and generally loud strange people (welcome to New Yawk!)

I was in love. This was a special place. Not fancy, not "hipster", not pretentious like some smarmy Avenue A cafe, and not garish, soulless or gross either, like a McDonalds. Just nice and plain and basic and yummified to your advantage!

The donuts were delicious. We stayed there for a long time, absorbing the atmosphere and contemplating what other donuts to get, and if we had enough yet. Contentment.

SOOOOOO last week I got a text from my friend Matt (you two are well acquainted by now, right?)

"Just walked past the donut pub and saw bnw cookies in the window."

Why hadn't I thought of it already??? Even though I fell in love with the Donut Pub, I was scarcely in
the area of 14th and 7th ave, and in a way I didn't want to go their too many times, so it remained "special" (something I had promised myself and ruined with Singa's pizza, a great chain of pizza that used to only be far away and for special occasions in Elmhurst, Queens, but starting last year opened up RIGHT DOWN MY BLOCK.)

So while at my depressing temp job, which is making me want to kill myself, me and Matt texted each other our plans (21st century!) and met up after work. First I went down to buy tickets for a They Might Be Giants show that ended up being sold out (err...woops...damn it. Fuck. Damn it I really wanted to go.) Then, even more beaten down by life, I went up and waited outside the Pub.

I hadn't eaten yet! All day! Not kidding -- from 9AM to 7pm, I did not eat. I was DYING to have a black and white cookie. I waited for Matt and in my hunger grabbed an OK slice of pizza from
around the block. I was still starving after eating it.

Matt showed up!

We went inside! Ahh, it's been too long! TOO long!

You can imagine the rush of excitement. Not only did they have black and white cookies -- they had black and white boston creme filled donuts, and...brace yourselves...'re not bracing.
 have to BRACE yourselves...



If only I had the appetite for 2 cookies, but I was too overwhelmed I could barely process those things. I will go back and have one, I promise you this. Surely the all black cookies were sold out...?

We both awkwardly asked for milk (half and half was offered...err, no, regular milk is fine.) First I wanted to document Matt's gorging of the Boston Creme Black and White Contraption:

Not a big fan, the creme stuff freaks me out a bit. Still, it looked soft and enticing (doesn't everybody?)

Now it was MY turn. STEP ASIDE, KOFF.

Picking up I noticed how floppy and soft it was. Good sign. I bit the vanilla.

WOW. God damn amazing. Donut Pub you have met and exceeded my expectations. The icing was delicious, with a pure vanilla taste (but not obnoxiously sugary), and it was a chewy moist bite all around.

Chocolate side.

Equally as good. Here was something new -- The chocolate icing tasted like that of a frosted donut. To use a universal comparison, like a Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Frosted donut. Actually for the record, Donut Pub donuts do taste very similar to Dunkin Donuts. Which is also 5 stores down the block!

I ate the rest of the cookie so deliriously fast that I barely remember it. It was so good. I debated having a donut but me and Matt decided to leave once an old lady across the room started yelling about stuff.

Don't be a stranger, Donut Pub! I WILL be back!

Is that a camera glare or one of those all white cookies???

In BREAKING NEWS: A new bakery has opened up near me, in Forest Hills. My mom brought home a chocolate cupcake with OREO COOKIES N' CREAM icing. It may have been the best thing I've ever tasted. She also mentioned peanut butter icing cupcakes. Do they have Black and White Cookies?


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