Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Junior's Bakery

Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake! Me and my friends once got lost for over an hour in Brooklyn trying to remember where Junior's Bakery is, just to sit down in the bright and colorful room (with crayons on the table!) and eat a big juicy moist slice of crazy cheesecake.

During my temp job last week (that I was...fired from?? I'm not sure, but I was told not to come in THIS week...) I stopped over at a small division of Junior's and noticed they had small boxes of Black and White Cookies in the window. OUCH, they were around $16.00 each. I asked them if
they sold single cookies, and they did! As I was paying, one of the girls working there dropped a box and orange juice started spilling all over the floor. The guy behind the counter looked at me and rolled his eyes.

I brought the cookie back to my office and took some miserable pictures.

The wallpaper on the computer screen in front of me. Eugh.

Doodles on the notes I had to take.

Cut to one week later, I'm at home, ready to CHECK it OUT.

First I tried the Vanilla.

Chomp. Ow. Hard. Sugary. Not terribly bad, but I was expecting something richer and...OK, I WAS EXPECTING IT TO TASTE LIKE CHEESECAKE. DAMMIT.

Then I tried the chocolate.

Hmm. Really soft...but...something tastes...weird. Ah, I know. The chocolate tastes (and feels) like cupcake frosting. But cheap cupcake frosting, like from an entenmann's box of Valentine's Day cupcakes. Look at the sludgey fudget chocolate.

The cake was average. Not great, but not bad.

The cookie tasted the best when eating both sides at the same time, so II tried eating it like a hamburger (which I have never had.)

In the end, I could not finish the cookie...

Besides, I needed room for my big Bucket-O-Pretzels!

Thanks to Dave for the photos.



Anali said...

What a fun blog you have! Yesterday, I received some cookbooks as gifts and decided that I would bake something from one of them. I just happened upon two recipes for black and white cookies and decided to try one of them. Then I stumbled upon your blog today! What a sweet coincidence! ; )

Jordan said...

Send me your cookies!!!!



If you ever make it up to Boston, you have got to try that black and white at Lyndell's in Somerville. They are reputed to be the best black and white's in the world. I really love them (though be prepared, they are a bit different in style than your traditional black and white), and actually think about them almost every day. For some reason though, u here in Boston they call them "half-moons."

Weekly Journalist said...

Adding, I think the main difference between the half-moon and the black and white comes down to two factors: one, the cake is much spongier and softer, sort of like a flat cupcake, and the icing is not hard, but soft and creamy like a buttercream cake frosting.

It's really a different animal, but oh so delicious still. I don't think it's what I'd want when I was craving a REAL black and white, but it's good nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Head down to the East Broadway Kosher Bakery on Grand in the Lower East Side. They make an amazing black & white.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Just got back to ATL from NYC last night.
Brought back 3 B&W's from Juniors on 45th St.
Got the seat just inside the door on the flight home - had to eat one just to make everyone on the plane jealous.
Reminded me of large, spongy muffin tops with soft icing... MUCH better than the rock-hard supermarket version down here.

Goldilocks Bakery said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. Anyway, I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


Anonymous said...

I think part of the problem is that you waited a week to eat the cookie. Black and whites are meant to be eaten fresh or within a couple days.